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To receive inclusions and a detailed quote, enquire with the Builders and floorplans that you like and they will be in touch.


What is Average Completion Pricing based on?

The Average Completion Price (ACP) is based on the base price plus an average allowance for site costs, estate covenants and promotion.

Each Builder on our platform is leading the way with transparency for you by providing New Build Solutions with the ACP for each design.

Whilst it is not a fixed price, it is a much easier way for you get a rough idea of how much it will cost to build that design rather than try to work your way through base prices and confusing promotions yourself. For further information, read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

What variables can impact the Average Completion Price?

Whilst it may seem like Builders are trying to hide pricing from you, it’s simply not the case.

There are so many variables that can influence a price, so they provide what they know – which is usually a base price and a promotion.

Upfront, Builders just don’t know what the site conditions are for your block, what estate covenants are required and what level of upgrades you may choose. The problem is, either do you.

That’s why buying a new home is a process. It’s not a simple transaction. If you need some education on this topic and many more, head to our youtube channel to watch free educational videos about all things home buying.

Why do I see the same floorplan twice, but with different pricing?

Two of the same floorplan with different pricing means the pricing reflects a different level of inclusions. For example, there might a more affordable level of inclusions and a premium level of inclusions to choose from. 

Some Builders have a different ranges with different designs entirely, but some Builders prefer to have only one range of floorplans and then allow Clients to choose their level of inclusions based on their budget.

What happens after I send an enquiry to a Builder?

With each floorplan you enquire about about, you will receive a separate email with all the information about that floorplan including a link to the Builder’s inclusions.

The Builder will also receive an email with your details and which floorplan of theirs you have enquired about.

From there, the Builder will give you a call to discuss the floorplan and any other relevant information – for example current promotions, level of inclusions, etc.

What if I'm not ready to speak to a Builder yet?

It’s up to you if you enquire or not. If you are not ready to speak to a Builder yet, just search for the time being.

That said, the longer you keep ‘window shopping’ the more confusing the process can be. We strongly recommend that you speak to 3 Builders to start learning more about the process and find out what you can get within your budget. 

Looking at display homes is fun, but speaking to a Sales Consultant is the best way forward if you are geneuinely wanting to build a new home.

This is a free service, so how do you guys get paid?

We’re glad you asked 😉

Like all other businesses, a builder already has a ‘marketing allowance/cost’ included in their product price (base price). So, rather than paying facebook or some other platform for advertising, New Build Solutions would get a referral fee instead.

Average Completion Price Disclaimer

The Average Completion Price (ACP) includes the base price, allowance for site costs, allowance for estate covenants and in some cases will include an allowance for a promotion also. The ACP is an indication only (not a fixed price) of how much it could cost on average to build a particular home design. The ACP can in no way be used as a representation of the final price. To obtain detailed pricing, please speak with the Builder’s representative. The ACP is subject to the Builder’s preferred siting, site conditions and developer design approval. Any alterations and upgrades may incur additional costs. The ACP does not include legal fees, stamp duty or other costs incurred with the purchase of the land. Designs must not be copied, varied, or reproduced wholly or in part without written permission from the Builder.