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The need-to-know steps to avoid costly mistakes when building your new home

Watch Our New Home Buyers Bootcamp

This exclusive 9-part video series will save you time and money by providing you with a transparent insight and extensive education into the new home building industry… and what you need to know to avoid making costly mistakes.


You will learn about all things new home buying – from whether you should buy house or land first… right through to how to break down building quotes properly and even a detailed education on how to avoid buying the wrong block of land.

What Will You Learn?


The honest truth behind why building is so confusing

What we’ll cover:

  • Where your confusion starts…and where your confusion continues
  • Perception vs reality…
  • What most people do when searching for a builder
  • What most people should do when searching for a builder


What is a house and land package? …and are they exclusive?

What we’ll cover:

  • We explain what a house and land package is and how they are created
  • We’ll also cover whether they are exclusive or not


What should you buy first? House or Land?… and why?

What we’ll cover:

  • We’ll reveal the best strategy on buying house and land
  • Discuss how to prioritise your house or land based on your needs
  • Real example of a bad purchase – something you will learn to avoid


How important are reviews, ratings and the opinions of friends and family?

What we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to the main review platform in the new home building industry
  • We will provide a real insight on both sides of the story when it comes to builder reviews
  • See a real example to put things into perspective for you


The key to getting the best and most relevant building quote is…

What we’ll cover:

  • Present a common analogy to help set the tone for how to get the most relevant quote
  • We present a simple strategy to help you turn confusion into clarity and get the most out of your discussions with builders


Must-watch: A crucial step-by-step breakdown of the items in a building quote

What we’ll cover:

  • We’ll explain each component of a building quote and provide industry insights to help understand how the pricing really works
  • This includes everything from how promotions are used through to how to site costs work.


Understanding block types, sizes and widths… and why orientation is so important

What we’ll cover:

  • Essentially, this video covers some land basics 101 to help you with your land knowledge
  • We give you a valuable overview into the basics of lot types, sizes, and also what orientation is and why it’s important


A lesson on setbacks, site coverage and how to work out your backyard length

What we’ll cover:

  • A much more technical video moving into the details of setbacks and really understanding how a house fits on a block of land
  • This training will help you avoid buying the wrong block of land


Why land delays can cost you money

What we’ll cover:

  • An insight into site start months, price protection periods and why you can be charged extra money if the land is delayed 
  • This is one of the most important and most commonly mis-understood components of new home buying

Home Buyers Bootcamp:

Free 9-Part Video Series

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